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The official Keylogger for Mac is dedicated to providing quality Mac keyloggers for the security, privacy and safety of your business and family. We offer the most powerful and discreet keyloggers for the Mac OS X. Use our side-by-side feature comparion to find the keylogger that’s right for you. The keyloggers can be installed remotely, as well as locally and many do not require admin access or password credentials.

When choosing a Mac keylogger there are many factors to take into consideration, the most important being stealth. If discretion is important to your security it is important to select a keylogger built from the ground-up for the Mac OS. Many Mac keyloggers are ported over from the PC, updated for PC and designed for PC’s in such a way that the Mac portion seems to almost be an afterthought. This causes Many Mac keyloggers to be easily detected by Mac OS updates and anti-virus and trojan programs.

The keyloggers featured on keyloggerformac.org are different and have been developed specifically for Mac. That’s why we offer one of the few remote installation Mac keyloggers and others that can be installed without administrative access. We’re also pleased to announce our latest line of keyloggers includes microphone and webcam access as well as password recording. This allows our users to keep a close eye on the monitored Mac and the webcam recorder can even be set to record and report whenever motion is detected.

While all Mac keyloggers capture keystrokes many do not capture incoming messages, for that reason keyloggerformac.org has identified those that have the capacity to capture incoming chats from social networks such as Facebook, Facetime, iChat, iMessages and more. These are Mac keylogger features that are impossible with PC ported keyloggers. Many traditional Mac desktop users are switching over to MacBooks and Mac laptops, for this reason we’ve included GPS tracking in many of our new keyloggers for Mac.

For network managers who have the need to monitor multiple Mac computers we’re pleased to feature multi-license installations that will allow you to monitor all your companie’s Mac activity in one convenient control panel dashboard, check bandwidth usage, keystrokes, USB devices connected and files created, destroyed, moved or copied as well as normal Mac keylogger functionality.