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Spy Tech Keylogger for Mac Social Network Capture:

The most powerful Mac keylogger to date features full two-sided chat capture for multiple social networks and chat applications. These applications include the Proteus network which incorporates ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Yahoo Japan, Rendezvous, and Jabber. As well as the Adium network which includes Google Talk, Twitter, Facebook, AOL, Bonjour, IRC, Apple Mobile, Live Journal Talk, Lotus Sametime, and Gadu Gadu. If the Mac is running a newer version of AIM or Adium then all Facebook chats will be captured as well.

New chat applications and social networks are being constantly added which is what makes Spytech keylogger for Mac a great investment. Offering a lifetime license and free updates so your keylogger is always up to data with the newest features, social networks and chat applications. Supported for nearly 10 years, Spy Tech Keylogger you can expect Spy Tech to perform for you for years to come, even if you change Mac devices.

Easy and Simple No Restart Installation:

Not limited to social network capture, Spytech Keylogger for Mac offers fast and easy installation with no reboot required. Password recording allows you to capture passwords input into any application or website including Facebook, iTunes and iCloud. This is exceptionally powerful because both our mSpy  and Highster iPhone spy applications can be installed without physical access simply by inputting the login credentials of either iTunes or iCloud into your control panel dashboard. This will allow for monitoring all activity on the iPhone or iOS mobile device without ever having access to the device.

Other recent updates to Spytech for Mac include multi-user environment monitoring allowing you to select which users are to be monitored, including “Guest” users and even limit the websites which your children can access, all while remaining 100% invisible. The screenshot recording can be set to “selectively” capture mouse-click from applications and websites you deem necessary, or set it to record them all.


Your Purchase is Backed-Up by the SpyTech Support Team

Super Simple User Interface:

Blazing Toolz Perfect Keylogger for Mac is a powerful and inexpensive keylogger for Mac. It captures all of the very same data as our most expensive keyloggers for about a 3rd of the price. Supported for nearly 10 years with constant updates and social network additions. The user interface is absolutely simple as is installation. Simply open the file and input an e-mail address where you would like your reports to be sent, the keylogger will now invisibly send all reports to the e-mail address specified.

iSight Camera Capture

You can now capture snapshots from the Mac’s webcam. Find out what’s happening while you’re away and set the camera to record upon motion detection or as often as you like. The new iSight feature is just one example of the constant updates and features that Blazing Toolz is constantly adding to the Perfect Keylogger for Mac. Play the snapshots back like a video, and as always your reports and installation are invisible and password protected.



Remote Reporting - Local Reporting - FTP Reporting





CLIPBOARD COPY/PASTE:Does the Mac keylogger capture information both copied and pasted.
LOCAL INSTALLATION: Can the keylogger be installed via USB, direct download or other non remote means.
USB INSTALLATION: Can the software be installed via a USB thumbdrive.
TRANSFERABLE LICENSE: Can the keylogger installation be transferred to another Mac or iOS device.
INVISIBILITY: Once installed, does the Mac keylogger run invisibly and immune to detection.
SCHEDULED TIME DELIVERY: Is it possible for the keylogging reports to be sent remotely and invisibly at pre-scheduled times and dates.
FTP DELIVERY: Can the keylogger reports be accessed via file transfer protocol
E-MAIL DELIVERY: Can the keylogging reports be sent remotely and invisibly via e-mail.
CLOUD REPORTING: An external, access anywhere remote control panel where users can access their keylogging reports.
LIVE CONTROL PANEL: A real-time external control panel where reports can be accessed by the user.
INVISIBLE DELIVERY: Can the keylogger be delivered to the remote Mac computer without detection.
WEBCAM ACCESS: Can the user access the remote Mac's webcam, take snap shots and record video.
REMOTE FTP: Can the keylogger transfer files to and from the remote Mac.
BLOCK WEBSITES: Determines whether or not the keylogger can block specific websites from being accessed.
ADMIN PASSWORD REQUIRED: Determines whether the keylogger can be installed without having the admin login credentials.
ACCESS VIA SMARTPHONE OR TABLET: Are the keylogging reports remotely accessable via mobile devices such as tablets, iPhones and Androids.
WEBCAM CAPTURE ON MOTION DETECTION: Can the keylogger be set to record video upon detection of motion in the Mac's webcam.
PARALELLS ACCESS: Will the keylogger continue to perform on Macs running Windows Paralells.
MAC OS X MAVERICKS: Determines whether the keylogger is compatible with Mac Mavericks.
MAC OS X EL CAPITAN: Determines whether the keylogger is compatible with El Capitan.
MAC OS X MOUNTAIN LION: Determines whether the keylogger is compatible with Mountain Lion.
MAC OS X 10.6: Determines whether the keylogger is compatible with Mac 10.6
MAC OS X YOSEMITE: Determines whether the keylogger is compatible with Yosemite.
MAC OS X LION: Determines whether the keylogger is compatible with Mac Lion.
E-MAIL SUPPORT: Determines whether the developer offers customer service through e-mail.
LIVE CHAT SUPPORT: Determines whether the developer offers customer service through live chat.
TOLL FREE 1-800 SUPPORT: Determines whether the developer offers customer service through a toll free phone number.
PDF USER GUIDE: Does the keylogger include a user guide.
VIDEO TUTORIALS: Does the keylogger feature video tutorials on its use.
EASY OF INSTALLATION: Whether or not the keylogger is easy to install.
KEYSTROKE LOGGER: Determines whether the keylogger capture keystroke logs (some don't, some just capture apps).
MAC LOGIN CAPTURE: Does the keylogger capture the Mac's admin login credentials.
PASSWORD CAPTURE: Determines whether the keylogger captures typed in passwords as well as stored (behind the asterix) passwords.
SCREENSHOT CAPTURE: Determines whether the keylogger captures screenshots of the remote users activity.
MONITOR SPECIFIED USER: Captures specific Mac users (including guest) and optionally excludes others.
SCREENSHOT ON MOUSECLICK: Can the keylogger capture screenshots everytime the remote user clicks the mouse.
TWO-SIDED CHAT CAPTURE: Determines whether the keylogger captures incoming as well as outgoing chat messages.
PROGRAM MONITOR: Does the keylogger capture records of programs used as well as their frequency.
INSTANT KEYWORD ALERTS: Can the keylogger be set to instantly and remotely report when a pre-determined keyword is used, typed, sent or received on the Mac computer.
BLOCK SPECIFIC WEBSITES: Determines whether the software can block undesireable websites from being accessed on the Mac computer.
TRACK GPS LOCATION: Can the keylogger capture the Mac's GPS location (useful for Mac laptops).
CAPTURE VISITED URL'S: Determines whether the keylogger captures all websites visited as well as their duration and frequency.
SOCIAL NETWORK CAPTURE: Determines whether the keylogger captures data input into social networks including chat messages and passwords.
MULTI-LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Can users change the language of the keyloggers user interface.
VIDEO TUTORIALS AVAILABLE: Are video instruction tutorials included.
ACTIVITY LOGGING: Monitors overall activity, users signed in and out as well as times of day and duration. Useful for employers.
INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Is the keylogger instantly available as a download upon purchase.
LOG FILE ENCRYPTION: Are the reporting files sent encrypted.
CAPTURE MULTIPLE MONITORS: Does the keylogger capture data from multiple monitors.
PASSWORD PROTECTED ACCESS: Can the e-mails and reports sent be password protected.
CAPTURE E-MAILS: Does the keylogger capture e-mails both sent and received.
ANTI-VIRUS IMMUNITY: Is the keylogger immune to detection from anti-virus and anti-trojan.
ISIGHT CAPTURE: Does the keylogger capture audio and video from webcam sessions such as iSight.
HOTKEY ACCESS: Can the keylogger be accessed locally via a custom hotkey combination.
SCHEDULED REMOTE REMOVAL: Can the keylogger be scheduled to remotely remove itself from the Mac on a pre-selected date.
SUPPORTS INTERNATIONAL KEYBOARDS: Can the keylogger capture keystrokes from non-U.s. based keystrokes.
CAPTURE ADMIN LOGIN: Does the keylogger capture username/password credentials input prior to Mac's start-up.
CAPTURE FACEBOOK: Does the keylogger capture data input into Facebook chats and passwords.
CAPTURE LINECHAT: Does the keylogger capture data input into LINE chat chats and passwords.
CAPTURE SKYPE: Does the keylogger capture data input into Skype chats and passwords.
CAPTURE TWITTER: Does the keylogger capture data input into Twitter chats and passwords.
CAPTURE SNAPCHAT:Does the keylogger capture data input into SnapChat chats and passwords.
CAPTURE HANGOUTS: Does the keylogger capture data input into Hangouts chats and passwords.
CAPTURE INSTAGRAM: Does the keylogger capture data input into Instagram chats and passwords.
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